Gluten Free Ham and Cheese

Gluten Free Ham and Cheese

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A Gluten Free option of Ham and Cheese
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  • Allergens

    multiSeed Farmhouse Loaf (50%) Starches (Maize, Potato, Tapioca), Water, Mixed Seeds (11%)(Sunflower, Brown Linseeds, Millet, Poppy), Rapeseed Oil, Humectant(Vegetable Glycerol), Psyllium Husk, Yeast, Thickeners (HydroxypropylMethyl Cellulose, Xanthan Gum), Golden Flax-seed, Free Range Dried EggWhite, Rice Flour, Dextrose, Iodised Salt (Salt, Potassium Iodate),Fermented Maize Starch, Partially Inverted Sugar Syrup. Vitamins &Minerals (Calcium Carbonate, Niacin, Iron, Riboflavin, Thiamine, FolicAcid). cheddar (25%) Pasteurised Milk,salt,lactic culture, microbial rennet Cooked Gammon Ham (21.43%) Pork leg (81%), salt, Emulsifiers E451(i) & E450, sugar, preservatives E250 & E251, Antioxidant E301. Fat spread, reduced fat (62-75%), polyunsaturated (3.57%) Vegetable Oils in varying proportions (Rapeseed, Sustainable Palm), Buttermilk (33%), Salt, Natural Flavouring, Colour (Carotenes)

  • Nutritional Values

    Typical Values Per 100g Per Pack
    Energy 252.57kcal 353.6kcal
      1060kJ 1484kJ
    Fat 12.88g 18.03g
    Saturates 6.41g 8.97g
    Carbohydrates 21.31g 29.84g
    Sugars 1.96g 2.75g
    Fibre 2.52g 3.53g
    Protein 14.26g 19.96g
    Salt 1.43g 2.01g