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Phil Wales

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 Co-Founder and Director 

Emily Wales

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Tracy Wales

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Co-Founder and Director

About the Windsor Catering Family

Windsor Catering's conception came in the form of a cafe well known for feeding the hungry workers within the Bridgwater community. 

Coffee and Croissants

Windsor Cafe

Throughout the Years 

Windsor Catering has 

catered for a variety of different events. From 3 to 5-course meals at weddings, rugby games and Charity events. Those years of events were put behind us when we began to offer a Buffet Range.



As the company grew, we began to supply for vending machines around Bridgwater, allowing us to feed to a greater number of people in more ways, this led to us supplying to Hinkley Point where we're grateful to feed the hardworking employees on site. 



Through years of developing and making our own products, we never had a branded identity attached to them. This is where Simply Somerset arrived, with our team working with designers to take a concept to its final conclusion. A product we couldn't be prouder to deliver to our customers. 


Simply Somerset

Through our Salsa accreditation, We worked to ensure that everyone who supplies us provides us with the highest quality of product with a full chain of traceability so we can trace it back to the farms they came from